Google's March 2024 Core Update

The 2024 Google update has deindexed many websites due to its algorithm change. It has become a significant discussion agenda for the SEO community. You will be surprised to know that a lot of websites have been impacted because:

Both these are bad news, and this recovery may take several weeks to settle down. We are still learning about these updates, and it is possible Google is planning more updates. 

What exactly are Google 2024 updates all about?

This Google update is a significant adjustment to its search algorithms that impacts how pages are ranked on SERPs. The goal of this update is to prioritize content that is more valuable, useful, and according to user intent.  

Now, Google’s latest algorithm change aims to improve the quality and relevance of search results. This time, Google released both a core and spam update. 

How To Recover From This Update

Erase all inauthentic content

 Examine the Search performance report inside your GSC to identify and remove any pages that haven’t generated significant traffic or ranked well for keywords in the past several months. Think about combining well-written sites that aim for related keywords. Next, reroute outdated sites regarding those keywords to your main page. Revise all your content instead of deleting your pages.   

Buying a new domain

 If you are producing high-quality material and you just bought an expired domain to get around the sandbox period, you should be all right because Google highlights low-quality content in this update. In case, your content is not relevant to the old domain, which was the gov or edu site. Even if you are abusing site authority to push out low-quality content, all these factors will not help you in recovering the website. 

Disown unnatural links

These are the links from low-authority, irrelevant, and link farms. It is possible that your website has acquired them with partnership or paid agreement. It is also possible that a competitor spammed your website. You must try not to publish content over spam or unreliable websites to be safe. Thus, you need to ensure that any content you are publishing is getting published on a reliable and established institution.


In summary, you must adhere closely to Google’s content restrictions in order to prevent fines. You must use informational material of the highest caliber, which is unavoidable. To keep your website’s Google trust intact, routinely check it for spammy activities and remove them. Exploiting expired domains for SEO purposes might result in penalties under the latest change; think carefully before doing so. It can take some time to recover from a core upgrade and follow Google’s recommended practices; benefits might not become apparent right away until after the next update. Thus, stay tuned for more such updates.